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VAT inclusive prices

Some of the prices on the web site are prices based on a VAT inclusive price. This means that if the VAT rate should change then the VAT inclusive price does not change.

For example, if we say something is £19.99 including VAT and this is based on a VAT inclusive price then if there is a VAT rate change then the price remains £19.99 including VAT.

If you are a VAT registered customer the effect would be for the VAT exclusive price to change to ensure the VAT inclusive price remains the same (within a penny). In the above example, at 17.5% VAT the VAT exclusive price would be £17.01+£2.98 VAT and at 15% it would be £17.38+£2.61 VAT.

Obviously if there is a VAT change then we may choose to change our prices as a result. However a VAT change can happen with very little notice so the above changes would happen initially and then later we would announce any price changes we feel would be appropriate.

Where we quote a price on the web site that is based on a VAT inclusive price we have a link to this page next to the price to make it clear that the price quoted is based on the VAT inclusive price and the prevailing VAT rate and so the VAT inclusive price would not change in the event of a VAT rate change.

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